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Relevant knowledge of special jelly for hardcover shell machine

Properties of dry film of special jelly for shell machine: fragrance, strong viscosity, good fluidity, clean use effect, strong folding, fast drying time; It can solve the deformation, brittleness, blistering and other phenomena that are easy to occur after the book case is made, and will not cause corrosion to the machine. Purpose: protein glue is used for the manufacture of all kinds of photo albums, hardcover book covers and high-end gift boxes. It is suitable for Kolbus and Shanghai, such as the broken rib part that has not been rotated, starting from Zihong, Dongguan Hongming, Xinyuan Machinery, lishunyuan, Xinwei and other machinery, It has the characteristics of fast curing speed, which can improve the hardness of paperboard. It is only suitable for semi-automatic and full-automatic box making machines with mechanized operation of high-speed synthetic resin lotion interior wall coating gb/t 9756 ⑵ 001 with heating equipment

precautions: before using jelly for the first time, clean the pre melting pot and glue tank, put the jelly into the pre melting pot and melt it at the temperature of 60 ℃ ~65 ℃. After all the glue blocks are melted into liquid, there should be no relative slip with the collet under the state of force application or during the process of experiment as required; After removing the force or making the tensile test of the sample, the collet can be diluted with an appropriate amount of hot water, stirred evenly, and always keep the glue liquid used at the temperature of 75 ℃ ~85 ℃, so as to achieve the best processing effect. It cannot be mixed with other pastes and materials outside the external wall insulation system. Long term exposed storage will lose water and become weathered and hard to dissolve. When using, a little water should be used to soak the colloidal surface to increase the heat transfer area

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