Release of key R & D catalogue of the hottest coal

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China Science and technology news (internship luchengkuan) recently, it was learned from the Ministry of emergency management that the catalogue of key research and development of coal mine robots (hereinafter referred to as the catalogue) developed by the State Administration of coal mine safety was recently announced. The catalogue focuses on key posts and dangerous posts, focusing on the research and development of tunneling, coal mining, transportation, security control and rescue. Due to the needs of related operations, there are 38 kinds of coal mining robots, and specific requirements are put forward for the functions of each robot

coal mine disasters are heavy, risks are high, there are many people going down the well, and there are many dangerous positions. The research and development of coal mine robots are conducive to reducing the number of underground operations, reducing safety risks, improving production efficiency, and reducing the labor intensity of miners. Let's take a look at the verification and calibration of universal testing machines, which is conducive to solving the problems of coal mine recruitment, promoting the technological revolution of coal mining, realizing the high-quality development of coal industry It is of great significance to ensure the safe supply of national energy

Kongjinhua, director of the coal mine robot collaborative promotion center, said that the purpose of issuing the catalogue is to guide coal enterprises, scientific research institutions, robot manufacturing enterprises and the whole society to participate in R & D and application, grasp the key points of coal mine safety needs, encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, and strive to make new breakthroughs in the coal hydraulic universal experimental machine, which can be divided into 100kN, 300KN, 600kN, 1000KN, 2000kN and 3000kN in terms of the range as soon as possible, Make the coal mine realize "safety with few people and safety without people"

kongjinhua said that the State Administration of coal mine safety will further improve supporting policies, formulate standards, support coal mining enterprises to cooperate with domestic and foreign scientific research institutions and robot manufacturing enterprises, and create a good environment for the R & D and application of coal mining robots. The collaborative promotion center of coal mine robots will timely understand and release the latest progress in the R & D and application of coal mine robots, improve the effectiveness of each workstation, provide relevant policies and information services for enterprises (units) in the R & D and application of coal mine robots, and coordinate and solve the problems and difficulties encountered in the R & D and application process

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