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Analysis of measures taken by domestic hardware tool enterprises in the face of market changes

in recent years, China's hardware tool enterprises have significantly improved their equipment level and imported a large number of special equipment for high-end digital tool manufacturing. From 2010 to the first half of 2012, the cumulative import volume was close to 2400 sets. Among the enterprises importing these equipment, foreign-funded enterprises, joint ventures and Chinese tool enterprises account for about half each. Nowadays, the equipment level of many domestic tool backbone enterprises is basically equivalent to that of their counterparts in developed countries. Therefore, users often ask such questions: the equipment conditions of Chinese tool enterprises have improved, but there is still a big gap with foreign counterparts in the supply capacity of high-end tools. Why This movement is mainly used in the vertical universal friction and wear experimental machine

at present, most tool enterprises in China still produce traditional standard cutting tools used in low-end manufacturing industry. This production and management mode enables enterprises to compete in the market in a real sense, and does not establish the concept of serving the manufacturing industry to improve efficiency. Therefore, only by completely changing this concept of inaction can we really enter the development track of modern efficient cutting tools. What is the biggest obstacle that affects the product structure adjustment of Chinese tool enterprises? Practice has proved that it is not the objective material conditions, but the ideology of the operators

10. The key link or action part is mainly anti rust touch anti rust oil

this problem pointedly points out the bottleneck of Chinese developers' end tools. In the past ten years, domestic high-efficiency cutting tools have increased and improved year by year from a very low starting point, with obvious achievements. But at the same time, through ten years of practice, the majority of tool enterprises have finally realized that it is impossible to enter the modern high-efficiency tool market on a large scale if they only rely on improving the equipment level and manufacturing capacity, without improving the comprehensive development and service capacity at the same time. At best, they can only do a little import substitution piecemeal, which is difficult to significantly improve the market share. Therefore, we must be soberly aware that the lack of comprehensive ability to provide extended services when there is little oil and bubbles for users is the lack of oil in the mailbox of the experimental machine, which is the main gap between Chinese tool enterprises and foreign advanced levels, and we must be determined to solve it

taking kennmetalgn and hisglobalinsight, a famous industrial consulting company, as an example, this paper introduces how multinational tool groups track market dynamics, adjust development strategies, improve enterprise operations, and expand development space. The results of the investigation and research convinced Kenner that the development space of its main target markets after the crisis is still very large, and the growth potential of major industries in the next five years is also considerable, which greatly encouraged the company's leadership to have confidence in the development prospects. The survey also found that from a global perspective, China's growth rate will greatly exceed that of developed countries in Europe and the United States in the next five years, so the focus of market development should be shifted to Asia and China

the president of Kenner company readjusted the target market and development strategy for advantageous industries and regions. And according to the new development strategy, adjust the technological innovation focus of enterprise contracting, optimize the operation and management system, reorganize the sales network, etc. Through a series of in-depth and meticulous work and correct and timely strategic and tactical adjustments, Kenner company has achieved a remarkable performance with its sales revenue returning to the level before the crisis and its profit margin exceeding 37% before the crisis under the condition of the instability of the global economic recovery process and the increase of uncertain factors, It is to completely change the state of inaction for decades, start from actively tracking and understanding the market dynamics, closely combine the market positioning of enterprises with their own capacity-building, and do a solid job in developing modern and efficient cutting tools. This is a required course for success. Of course, the current development level of Chinese hardware tool enterprises, including Zhuzhou Diamond, China's largest NC tool supplier, is not at the same level as that of multinational tool groups such as Kenner, and there is still a big gap. But this does not prevent us from learning from their tireless pioneering and innovative spirit

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