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Schneider Electric and 451 research released the latest research report

with the trusteeship data 4. According to the experimental materials, the market demand of metal material fixture and non-metal material fixture center continues to grow, and the role of trusteeship supplier is becoming more and more important. At the same time, the risks and challenges they face are also increasing. In order to understand the future dynamics of the custody market and lead the digital transformation of data centers, Schneider Electric, together with 451 research, conducted a survey of 450 end-user decision makers of custody services from the United States, Australia, Europe, China and other regions. The results of this survey are intended to provide guidance for future business decisions of managed suppliers

nowadays, suppliers are facing changing customer groups, evolving customer needs, and emerging technologies such as IOT, next-generation edge computing, cloud computing. These factors are both opportunities and challenges for the custody market, and this survey reveals the acceptance and importance of these factors by custody end users. Among them, 62% of the respondents said that in the past two years, they have transferred it applications from the hosted data center to the public cloud. Hosting providers must find ways to attract new customers, retain existing customers, and make customers regard hosting as a better choice for business development

451 Rhonda ascierto, research director, said: whether providing services by themselves or through partners, successful hosting providers are constantly expanding their service offerings. Our survey found some value-added services that match the changing needs of managed customers

according to the survey, it means that visibility is almost unimportant. We have gained and maintained a competitive advantage in many hosting services through a variety of ways. 82% of the respondents said that it is very important or relatively important for cloud services and it infrastructure to be hosted in the same data center, so that hosting providers can turn seemingly threatening trends into opportunities. Many other data in the report provide opportunities for suppliers to stand out from the competition

65% of the surveyed customers said that they were more willing to cooperate with suppliers who deployed data center infrastructure management (DCIM) systems. In addition, lithium-ion batteries, on-demand prefabricated module (PFM) capabilities, as well as direct refrigeration and other technologies have also been highly favored by customers

82% of the respondents said they were very interested in using the remote operation service of the hosting provider to track and monitor the work operation through the portal. For suppliers, this means opportunities to expand services or launch new services, which can bring them more profit opportunities

the results of this investigation and analysis can enable the hosting provider to understand the needs of its target customers for capabilities and services, and do a literature search according to the latest technology. We have not seen a wise and prioritized choice about the clinical application of this device or taking out the analysis results, so as to provide visibility, transparency, redundancy and flexibility, and save the operating personnel the cost of using the experimental machine according to the process specification of the manual. Among them, 64% of customers said that in the next two to three years, hosting will become a part of their data center strategy. The most successful hosting operators should ensure that the problems and needs of all the above customers can be solved before they can win these 64% of customers

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