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Discussion on the manufacturing process of soft packaging hair leather III

quality requirements of products

3.1 sensory index

3.2 physical and chemical index

3.3 shelf life

generally stored at room temperature. Below 20 ℃, the shelf life is half a year, more than 20 ℃. Internationally, the shelf life is 3 months

4 eating method

after opening the bag, immerse the hair skin in warm water containing an appropriate amount of baking soda, let it be soft, knead it in alkaline water for a moment after all softening, fully wash away the greasy dirt, and then rinse it with water. After washing, the pieces of leather are white and soft, full of elasticity and sexiness. Squeeze out the floating water and cut them into pieces, pieces, dices and strips, and then cook them directly with other foods to make hair skin delicacies with various colors and delicious flavors. In the self-service hot pot launched by the catering industry in this city, the white and slender hair pimples are very popular. The lightweight material in the seasoning soup has become a popular material. After rolling, the sponge structure is full of soup flavor, and it tastes more delicious when dipped into the hot pot seasoning. Hotpot has entered thousands of households. In order to meet the specified accuracy requirements of experimental power and displacement, adjust 10000 households of experimental machines, and promote consumption, on the basis of hair skin, we should continue to use cheap pig skin raw materials to launch more new products with richer taste

5 discussion

the quality of hair skin depends on the amount of collagen fibers contained in the skin. In pig skin, its content is dorsal skin, limbs, chest side, ventral side and chest wall in turn. In the processing of meat products, the peeled pig skin is often added as skin jelly, so that it cannot be fully digested in the processing and stored in the cold storage. At present, the function of carnivorous skin to nourish beauty and increase skin elasticity is gradually recognized by people. Therefore, it is extremely beneficial for processing enterprises to introduce more meat products. The part with more collagen fibers is used to develop carnivorous skin products, and the thinner cortex and soft texture are used to make gel, so as to make the best use of everything

in order to save production costs, natural heat sources should be used as much as possible. After scraping the residual hair and scraping the fat, the fresh skin must be soaked in hot lye to remove the surface fat. Due to the reduction of fat content, the fresh skin after this treatment can accelerate the distribution of water and shorten the drying time. However, the concentration of alkali must be appropriate in specific operation. The water temperature should not be too high, otherwise it will damage the tissue structure and make the cortex become soft; Too high water temperature makes protein coagulate and denature, which affects the full expansion of meat skin. Pay attention to moisture protection when storing dried pieces of skin to prevent moisture and mildew. If the storage time is too long, it should be dried before distribution. It is strictly forbidden to clip moldy into it to ensure product quality

skin warming and swelling are carried out in different oil temperatures. To make the product yellow and moist, it is important to control the temperature. That is to say, in the warm skin pot, when white beaded bubbles appear on the skin pieces one after another, the temperature is reduced to about 90 ℃; When boiling oil expands, the product produced in 1 ~ 3 seconds has the same color and uniform expansion. At this time, the temperature must be reduced to the range of 160 ~ 170 ℃ to coordinate the temperature and expansion. In order to fundamentally control the temperature, the author uses oil stove instead of coal stove to adjust the temperature to the required requirements. Of course, if the temperature is low, the purpose of production cannot be achieved, and if the temperature is high, coking will occur, which will not only affect the quality, but also shorten the service time of the oil. What should I do with the used oil after work? Store the oil in the pot into a 500mm small pottery cylinder. In order to remove the debris in it, filter it with a 150 mesh sieve at the cylinder mouth. After 1-2 days of standstill and cooling, fine particles are deposited at the bottom due to the effect of gravity, and the oil gradually becomes clear. When using, discard the mud deposited at the bottom of the cylinder, which is important for most of the utilization of high molecular polymers.. In continuous use, the two oils can be interchanged, and at the same time, new oil should be injected to make the oil juice have due hygienic quality. This is something that must be noticed in the production of fried products

(author/: fengzuyin Zhejiang Jiaxing meat factory)

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