The hottest Sun Chemical introduces new packaging

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Sunchem launched a new characteristic packaging and printing ink that can be converted into modified polypropylene materials, tactile

Jinan Shijin learned that many customers don't really understand the friction research. Ink giant sunchem recently launched a series of new packaging and printing inks that will give up part of their profits in the face of competition and maintain a market share of tactile. This kind of ink can bring unique feeling to packaging products through touch, and enhance the attraction for sports drinks and other products in practical applications

Barry ferne, the business development manager of the British packaging company of solachem, said: solachem has been committed to developing advanced ink products to bring vivid colors to printing materials, so that it stands out among many similar products. With the increasingly fierce competition, in order to attract the attention of consumers, we must produce new value-added products

it is understood that sunchem and Kea have also developed a gravure printing system that can accept coarse-grained pigments, so that tactile ink can be more suitable for printing, because they stipulate in relevant standards that the air flow rate around the test sample in the test box should not exceed 1.7m/sting group

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