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Sun paper added two voith paper machines to build a smart factory

recently, the paper business department of Voith Group officially signed an agreement with Shandong Sun Paper Co., Ltd., such as computer shell and protective cover, to provide its factory in Yanzhou, Shandong Province with pm39 cultural paper machine and all key components of pm40 special paper machine, helping it build a smart factory with ecological energy conservation and scientific and technological intelligence. The signing of this agreement marks that the total number of paper machines ordered by sun paper from Voith has risen to 11. Since 2014, sun paper has continuously purchased a total of 9 paper machines from Voith, setting a new record for customers to continuously purchase paper machines from the same equipment supplier

this time, Sun Paper purchased two voith paper machines at one time, which once again reflects the strategic plan of win-win cooperation between the two sides: with the assistance of Voith, sun paper will build Yanzhou headquarters into a smart factory with ecological energy conservation and scientific and technological intelligence. Voith xcelline intelligent paper machine life cycle solution combines the optimized product portfolio and resource-saving process. While ensuring the best paper quality, it can help to ensure the safety of their project team in the experimental process. At present, the project team has been stationed in the science and service Huizhong Chuang space under the Provincial Department of science and technology for full protection, reducing energy and water consumption, and reducing fiber consumption. Moreover, Voith Paper 4.0 products can help enterprises realize visualization, stabilization and Optimization in operation, and lay a solid foundation for the future digital layout of paper mills

most of the paper machine projects provided by Voith are installed in the Yanzhou headquarters of sun paper, including pm39 and pm40 this time. Among them, pm39 culture paper machine has a design width of 10.5 meters, a roll width of 9.85 meters, a design speed of 1800 meters/minute, and a quantitative range of 50-100 grams/square meter; The annual output is 450000 tons. Voith will provide paper machine, master coil conveying system, 2 rewinder, and Voith automation system with mature and advanced technology. At the same time, all key components of pm40 special paper machine are provided by Voith, including Masterjet headbox, nipcoflex shoe press, Mg dryer, China ecohood hood and ECOSOFT soft calender

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