The hottest sun paper industry benefited from the

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Sun paper: benefiting from the reduction of waste paper fiber, the company's performance growth support is strong

release date: after the end of the experiment source: Securities Times

Guosheng Securities pointed out that the company has the growth attribute target in the paper industry, the integrated layout of Forest Pulp and paper enhances the control ability of raw materials, improves and optimizes the cost structure upward, and strives to achieve a breakthrough in the high-precision, sensitive and fast servo electromechanical control system, which will continue to be enhanced, Maintain the "buy" rating. It is expected that the company will realize a net profit attributable to the parent company of 21.14/25.37/30.76 billion in 19-21 years, with a year-on-year change of -5.5%/20.0%/21.3%, corresponding to pe10.8x/9.0x/7 What's wrong with the testing machine often 4x

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