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Sun Chemical liberty ink innovation technology

SUN chemical company won the 2006 pia/gatf (American Printing Industry Association/Printing Technology Committee) INTERTECH Technology Award, which rewarded its innovative product liberty sheet ink, an environment-friendly ink technology, which can produce excellent printing effect, reduce waste and significantly shorten the production time of printers

the prestigious InterTech technology award is selected once a year by the American Printing Industry Association/printing technology committee based on the industry's innovative technologies and contributions to the industry

mark J. Levin, President of Sun Chemical North America business group, said, "in today's market, the rubber material is relatively strong when applying force. The indirect measurement method of printing factory can only confirm the total value of wear on each friction surface. Looking for a new technical advantage, liberty ink is a new benchmark that can provide excellent printing quality and imaging performance."

the ink made by liberty with chemical patents can provide good image stability and extremely fast drying speed. In addition, it saves a lot of costs for printers

Levin said, "however, many InterTech winners have won awards for their software or mechanical achievements. Liberty has proved that high-tech progress in the field of chemical innovation is also possible. They can bring more advantages and benefits to those who print but do not allow it to break, which is a particularly serious accident."

sunchem is the world's largest manufacturer of printing inks and pigments, and a world leading supplier in the market of packaging materials, printing materials, coatings, plastics, cosmetics and other industrial uses. With annual sales of nearly US $400million, 12000 employees worldwide provide services to customers. Sun Chemical includes well-known names such as Coates, Hartmann, Kohl Madden, US ink, etc

Sun Chemical Company and Britain's Sun Chemical Co., Ltd. are subsidiaries of Sun Chemical B.V. in the Netherlands, and have branches in Parsippany, New Jersey, the United States, Watford, the United Kingdom, and Weesp, the Netherlands, respectively

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