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Sun Lianying: art coatings will emerge in the era of private customization of coatings

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sun Lianying: art coatings will emerge in the era of private customization of coatings

November 27, 2015

[China paint information] "hometown of coatings" Shunde ushered in the second year of the art coating branch of China paint Association on November 26, which also makes the market of recycled plastic granulators more and more promising "Art coating design and application Summit Forum". Nearly 300 art coating enterprises and designers from all over the country and overseas attended the meeting

sun Lianying, President of China Paint Industry Association, Zhang Ren, Secretary General of China Decoration Association, and Jiang Shangyuan, executive chairman of the International Design Association in China, delivered speeches respectively

President sun Lianying said that art paint is the crystallization of paint and art, which solves people's personalized aesthetic needs. In the first half of this year, against the backdrop of the overall weakness of the paint market, art paint showed a sudden rise and became a highlight of the industry. With the advent of the era of private customization of coatings, art coatings will usher in a period of vigorous development

it is reported that art paint originated in Europe and is a new type of wall decorative art material, which has entered the domestic market less than 20 years. Art paint can be painted with various textures to achieve wallpaper like decorative effect. Some special art paint can also be painted with three-dimensional effect, and the effect of art decoration is more prominent. At the same time, art paint is easy to manage, insensitive to the humidity and dryness of the space, and there is no need to worry about mildew, falling off and other problems. Its biggest advantage is that it has a longer service life, and the service life of high-quality products can even reach 10 to 20 years

it is understood that in addition to good decorative properties, environmental protection is also one of its major selling points. This year, the city needs to realize the evolution of the process. The hot diatom mud on the market is a kind of dry powder of art coatings. The high solid content and pollution-free characteristics of this water-based dry powder architectural coating, which is willing to help Mongolia jianeng human resources construction performance, conform to the development direction of "three high and one low" of the coating

the experts at the meeting also pointed out that although the market prospect of art coatings is generally optimistic, because the industry is in the preliminary stage of development, there are still many problems to be solved, such as the industry standards of materials and construction, the growth and demonstration of leading enterprises, wider mainland promotion and dissemination, as well as the precise positioning and quality improvement of product series, which need the joint efforts of the whole industry

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