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Xiamen Ritu Technology Co., Ltd. and fluke of the United States successfully concluded the "2012 general metrology calibration seminar"

Shenzhen Ritu Technology Co., Ltd. and fluke of the United States successfully toured the National Exhibition Conference in Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Xiamen, and held a perfect closing ceremony of the general metrology calibration seminar with Ritu technology Xiamen branch in Sheraton Hotel, a five-star hotel, on November 30

on site, through enterprise and product introduction posters, as well as the carefully prepared high-end and low-end prototypes and technical guidance of fluke fluke's full series of general metrology calibration, attracted from Xiamen metrology verification and testing institute, epex, Xiamen entry exit, Gele electronics, TPV, Tianma microelectronics, Wanlida, Xiamen Engineering machinery, Xiamen abb, Xiamen University, Xiamen hannasen automotive electronics, Xiamen Hongmei electronics, Xiamen Honglu tungsten molybdenum Xiamen Hualian electronics, Xiamen Overseas Chinese electronics, Xiamen Jingtu information technology, Xiamen product quality control institute, Xiamen quality inspection, Youda optoelectronics, Zhangzhou Lipp and other hundreds of enterprise procurement engineer friends stopped

in order to present the most high-end equipment to all technical engineers, the organizing committee specially made long-term preparations for the measurement and calibration technology. Mr. Yang Shengli of Beijing measurement and calibration department was specially invited to give you a technical introduction and technical answers on the spot. Customers are constantly consulting the verification regulations of "electronic universal testing machine" and "non-metallic tensile force, pressure and universal testing machine", Mr. Yang also gave very professional technical answers, which left a deep impression on the field engineer friends. At the same time, he carefully prepared a rich dinner to express his gratitude to our business friends in Xiamen who have always supported us

on site main technical explanation:

common instrument calibration methods and common problems

oscilloscope calibration technology and common problems

technology and application of high-precision current measurement

international standards and calibration of electric energy and power quality

power meters, common problems in the calibration of electric energy meters

new procedures for temperature identification

the organizer of this event, Nitu technology company, is the only core agent platform for fluke calibration in South China, The mature measurement and calibration industry plan has been further consolidated in Xiamen kekeshi, Guangdong nuclear power, Guangdong power, Shenzhen Institute of measurement, Foxconn, TPV, Fuji Xerox, Guangxi Yuchai and other companies. Xinlun composite materials will be the core supplier of aluminum plastic film products of Funeng technology. It will cooperate with leading enterprises in the industry, with strong technical force and service system, abundant inventory, flexible and convenient settlement methods, and localized and personalized services, It provides convenient services for users to conveniently understand, purchase and use fluke's measurement and calibration products

through this technical exchange meeting, on the one hand, Nitu technology has expanded its influence on end users and engineers, and on the other hand, it has also made Nitu technology understand the most direct understanding of engineers for products. 4 More importantly, through the technical exchange meeting, Nitu technology not only consolidated the good image of old customers for Nitu technology, Shanxi Juhua 30000 ton aluminum based new material project started, strengthened their loyalty to Nitu, but also relied on the strength of 15 years of development to strive to develop new user groups. They will be an indispensable part of the future development of Nitu, with the support of new and old customers, Ritu technology will go further

thank the customers who have always supported Nitu technology. I believe with your support, the road of Nitu technology will be wider and better

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