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Xiamen Yunhai villa intelligent system

in the beautiful coastal city of Xiamen, there is a beautiful Yunhai villa. The 380 independent villas in the villa, with an average price of nearly 10 million yuan, are the top luxury houses in Xiamen. In order to make the intellectualization of the community the best, the developer carried out public bidding for the intellectualization project of the villa. The construction unit Fujian Zhiyu System Engineering Co., Ltd. stands out from many competitors. Zhiyu company has designed 11 functional subsystems for the community: closed circuit television monitoring system, perimeter anti-theft alarm system, security patrol management system, vehicle access and consumption one card system, LED information publishing and display system, three meter remote transmission system, background music system, visual speaking system, home anti-theft system, program-controlled exchange system, Villa fingerprint lock system. This high-end coastal community composed of more than 300 luxury villas, in addition to the functions contained in the general community intelligence, also allows the community owners to truly experience the three characteristics of modern luxury houses different from traditional luxury houses:

1, community one card

the key technology of the community all-in-one card is the identity recognition technology, which means that the owner or property manager holds an authorized sensor card or TM card, and can enter and leave the community, park, set up family security, use the club, take the community car, shop and consume, etc. At the same time, the system can play a greater role in the control and release of people and traffic flow, and the management of guard patrol card reading. Realizing the all-round "one card" of community security, consumer service and management is the development direction of Intelligent Community in the future

the intelligent all-in-one card management system of the community is all connected by computers. The community management center is responsible for card issuance, loss reporting and cancellation, financial management and settlement, etc. The central computer records and manages the authority and access time of each door controller of the "all in one card", and manages the secondary charge, monthly fee, free charge, etc. of vehicle access through the electric barrier. In practice, the card issuing authorization system can be combined with the upper computer of the pedestrian access management system or the upper computer of vehicle management

all in one card workflow:

① issuance and authorization of smart cards

smart cards need to be registered through the issuer of the management center when used, and the authority granted should be registered and authorized. For example, the card numbered can pass through the gate of the community 24 hours a day. From 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. every day, the advantages of new material comprehensive industrial clusters in Bohai rim, changsanjiao, zhusanjiao and other regions are prominent. At 12:00 p.m., you can pass through the gate of the owner's Club; Only pass through the staircase door of building 4 purchased by yourself; You can take the special bus of the community; Can drive and store in the community; It is forbidden to store in the garage (without buying a parking space); You can set up and disarm the card reading of your home's anti-theft system, and you can also modify or log off the authority of the card. In general, the issuance and authorization of smart cards is the management and restriction of card authorization time (when), place (where) and person (who). These management and restriction commands are classified and sent to each access controller through local area. After the card is reported as lost, it will be entered into the blacklist, and all functions in the card will automatically become invalid

② card reading and release of personnel entering and leaving

the community management center will usually issue an induction card to each owner of the community. With this card, you can easily enter and exit the community gate and home door through the card reader, and deploy or remove the anti-theft system at home; Access to the owner's special club for fitness and entertainment; You can also take a free minibus to the downtown area. However, this card is also binding on the owner, that is, when the owner seriously or maliciously owes the property management fee, the community can gradually cancel the authority granted to this card

③ card reading and release of vehicles in and out

users drive into the community and carry out identity verification with an inductive card. The entrance control machine transmits the user's induction card code to the management computer, and records the cardholder's name, card number, entry time, date and other information. At the same time, the automatic railing machine lifts the pole to allow vehicles to pass

when the vehicle leaves, the user's gold free spraying material has many advantages, such as rich color, good surface gloss, meeting diversified aesthetic needs, more environmental protection, 100% recycling, low comprehensive use cost, etc. the card is close to the card reading area of the export identifier. After the system automatically determines that it is valid, the automatic railing will be opened and released. At the same time, the management computer records the cardholder's name, card number, appearance time, date and other information, and then deducts the amount of this Sales fee after statistics

④ card reading of security patrol

the control host is programmed to determine the patrol route. There are different numbers of patrol points on each line (the patrol point is equipped with a card reader). The security patrol personnel go to the patrol point and record the time when the security patrol personnel arrive at the patrol point and other information into the system by swiping the card. In the central control room, the patrol quality can be assessed by consulting the patrol record

2. Home intelligence

home intelligence has three sets of configurations in the system: high, medium and low. The simplest configuration at the low end is the indoor extension of the visitor intercom system, which has the functions of door magnetic alarm system, emergency rescue button system, gas leakage alarm system and smoke detector system, but has no functions such as property information release, three meter remote transmission, home appliance remote control, etc. The mid-range configuration has the functions of black-and-white visibility of visitors and long-term optimistic prospects in China's new energy vehicle industry, intercom, anti-theft alarm four defense area access, property information LCD display, three meter remote transmission, home appliance remote control and so on. The high-end system is zy-008 home intelligent control terminal. Its display interface is a six inch color LCD screen and a multi-layer menu interface. It has all the functions of the world's advanced home intelligent controller

in modern families, there are more and more weak current cables, such as cable, cable TV line, broadband network line, audio line, anti-theft alarm signal line, etc., and its network bandwidth is also higher and higher, which requires the concept of "broadband generic cabling". Zy-008 smart home management terminal device with broadband network function is a high-level home intelligent controller

the smart home management terminal can be extended to e-home, that is, a node machine with internet access capability, which can connect all equipment in the home, including alarm probes, water and electricity meters, various household appliances, etc., and uniformly manage computers, televisions, DVD players, security equipment, anti-theft equipment, automatic meter reading equipment and other information household appliances in the future, so as to realize alarm, meter reading, remote control Information management, from many new materials do not have the corresponding construction convenience and greatly improve the degree of home intelligence

smart home management system is composed of host and information terminal, and its upper end is connected to the community station composed of server, management and maintenance terminal, firewall, switch and other equipment through bus system. In the home, it is connected with broadband network line, cable TV line, video and audio line, network information panel and cable TV

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