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Xiagong shows its new trump card of intelligent products

industry 4.0, which has caused shock all over the world, is promoting the in-depth reform of China's construction machinery industry. How to stand out in this reform, robot technology, digital technology, network technology, intelligent technology and high-performance computer technology have become powerful tools for industry enterprises, including driverless, intelligent control Intelligent technologies such as intelligent detection are widely used in all kinds of construction machinery by enterprises, and intelligent products in the whole industry show a rapid development trend. However, after carefully combing all kinds of products, it is not difficult to find that the phenomenon of product homogenization is very serious, and the increasing cost and unpredictable product reliability have also become the focus of users' roast. How to solve these problems? When product standards are not specified, industry enterprises are looking for the most effective solution

in the face of this situation, Xiamen Engineering Group Co., Ltd. has deeply integrated information technology and manufacturing technology. Taking intelligent technology as a breakthrough, Xiamen Engineering Group Co., Ltd. began the research and development of intelligent loaders in 2014. The combination with AVIC Xi'an Automatic Control Research Institute undoubtedly adds chips to this research and development work. The two companies jointly applied military technology to the field of construction machinery and equipment, and jointly developed xgje jeyoil intelligent telex control system with independent intellectual property rights, which can be regarded as a leader in the industry, "The control system integrates advanced electro-hydraulic integrated control technology and IOT technology, and adopts lightweight material technology, which not only saves energy and reduces consumption, but also enables the equipment to have a safe and comfortable precise control mode. It can be said that the successful application of xgje intelligent telex control system has opened the road of Digitalization, intellectualization and localization of basic components of China's construction machinery." When talking about xgje intelligent telex control system, Huang Hezhou, chief engineer of Xiamen Xiamen Machinery Co., Ltd., was proud

due to the successful research and development of xgje intelligent control system, a variety of intelligent products, including xg958i Intelligent Loader and xg822i intelligent excavator, made an amazing debut at bices2015 construction machinery exhibition; In 2016, relying on xgje intelligent control system, xg822i high-altitude demolition and rescue intelligent machine and xg958i Intelligent Loader independently developed by Xiamen Engineering Group Co., Ltd. were used by the armed police traffic force in emergency rescue work such as flood and debris flow, and showed excellent working performance under special working conditions. So far, XCMG has become more and more stable in the development, production and practical application of intelligent products

xg958i Intelligent Loader works efficiently

of course, looking at the whole industry, Xiamen workers is also facing great competition. Foreign giants caterpillar and Komatsu have been regarded as benchmarks in the R & D and production of intelligent products, while the intelligent speed of domestic enterprises such as Sany and XCMG is even more amazing. How to seek development opportunities surrounded by strong enemies, XCMG's strategic decision is very clear, "Adhere to innovation driven, create an intelligent operation and operation system tailored for users, provide safe operation away from danger and convenient and comfortable driving enjoyment, and create the greatest value and benefit for users with the most excellent performance and quality. The operation of machinery should be inspected." Yellow Crane boat explained

at the Xiamen Industrial Expo in April 2017, Xiamen Industrial Group Co., Ltd. intensively displayed a number of newly upgraded intelligent equipment, such as intelligent excavators, loaders, graders and so on. The highly difficult drift, 360 degree rotation and high-speed driving around the field under driverless conditions show the superior control performance of Xiamen Engineering equipment. At the same time, the intelligent equipment under the control of xgje teletype intelligent control system can not only well adapt to extreme working conditions such as high and low temperature, high corrosion, high radiation, high dust, fire and explosion, but also ensure the work quality and personal safety of operators in major safety accidents such as earthquake, debris flow, leakage or explosion of dangerous chemicals

in May, four intelligent devices, xg843fl multi-functional excavator for rescue and rescue, xg822i intelligent excavator for high-altitude demolition and rescue, xg822i/xg836i multi-functional intelligent excavator, which focused on the actual needs of the armed police transportation forces, were successfully delivered to the armed police transportation forces, and a trial training of more than 70 days was carried out in the force. During the trial training, the excellent performance of these four equipment has been unanimously recognized by the army officers and soldiers

The excellent performance of xg822i high-altitude demolition and rescue intelligent excavator

can't be praised by the officers and soldiers without the eight intelligent technologies of these four devices, including one key calibration, self-learning intelligent memory reproduction, remote control and program-controlled operation under severe working conditions, constant variable ultra-low loss energy-saving system, comfortable intelligent driving experience, redundancy guarantee technology, cloud soft upgrade service, Zhilian group collaborative operation, among which, Redundancy guarantee technology and zhilianqun collaborative operation are all pioneers in the industry. "We have applied the redundancy concept of aviation and stored spare parts for several key parts in the whole machine to ensure that the equipment will not fail in the rescue process, or that it can continue to operate after it fails and has oil resistance." With simple words, Zhuo Jiwen untied the mysterious veil of redundancy guarantee technology for us. The real function of Zhilian group collaborative operation is that operators issue job plans or job instructions to multiple intelligent machines, so that machines can communicate with each other to complete collaborative operation without interference. In addition, the integration of intelligent remote control technology, replaceable multi-function module operation and construction technology and general electronically controlled high-speed chassis technology can also meet the diversified rescue tasks in complex situations, "The situation of the rescue site is complex and changeable. It is the basic requirement of the rescue work to use the least time and limited equipment to complete the largest amount of rescue work. Long distance intelligent remote control, one machine multi-function and other technologies can ensure that the operators can complete the rescue tasks quickly and accurately in the safe area." Zhuojiwen introduced in detail

since 2014, the successful R & D and industrial application of a series of intelligent product technologies have shown that the strategy of XCMG to expand the differentiated market with intelligent technologies has achieved phased results. Nowadays, the intellectualization of construction machinery has become one of the necessary means for the transformation and upgrading of industry enterprises, but it will take a long time for intelligent equipment to be fully popularized. How to complete the transformation from quantity to quality within this period of time, Xiagong should have a clear understanding of its small size: "the intellectualization of construction machinery also requires continuous investment in research and development. The ultimate goal of Xiagong's intelligent research and development is to shorten the training time of operators, reduce the work intensity of users, improve the operation efficiency of equipment, reduce the use cost and benefit customers through intelligent technology." Huang Hechuan said

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