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XCMG: continuously enhance the development of new kinetic energy, go out to meet the sunny day

XCMG: continuously enhance the development of new kinetic energy, go out to meet the sunny day

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sunrise, the River flowers are more red than fire, and spring comes, the river water is as green as blue. 2017 will be a turning year for Xiamen Xiagong Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xiagong")

when I went to Xiamen workers, I saw that under the guidance of the spirit of the "two sessions", all the employees of Xiamen workers were fully motivated and refreshed. "XCMG is going all out to continuously enhance the new momentum of development." Xu Zhenming, chairman of Xiamen Construction Engineering Group, said firmly in the interview

XCMG excavators are constantly enhancing new momentum of development in the performance

BAIC Feiping, President of XCMG, told that XCMG has always adhered to the development concept of "technology and quality inheritance". On the basis of deep technical accumulation, XCMG has constantly innovated R & D ideas, innovated technical means, grasped key projects, focused on breakthroughs, participated in the international high-end market, and improved its technical level and manufacturing level

Founded in 1951, XCMG is one of the earliest equipment manufacturing enterprises established at the beginning of the founding of the Republic. The technological development process of XCMG is a true epitome of the continuous evolution of China's construction machinery from manual manufacturing, imitation learning mechanism research to innovative design

in the 1950s, the product series of Xiagong loaders and rollers have begun to take shape. In the 1980s, it carried out technical cooperation with caterpillar, and has since established the R & D and manufacturing platform of XCMG. On this basis, in the 1990s, new products independently innovated and developed by Xiamen Construction Engineering Group began to "emerge in endlessly" to the market. With more and more sophisticated technology, research and development level, and more and more perfect innovation system, in addition to taking the lead in the field of loaders, XCMG began to take full action in the field of road machinery, piling machinery, concrete machinery and other products, so that today it has created a model of military civilian integration and entered the era of intelligent products of XCMG

On September 22nd, 2015, at the Beijing Construction Machinery Exhibition, XCMG officially released the xgje jeyoil telex intelligent control system and intelligent engineering machinery products jointly developed with AVIC Xi'an Flight Automatic Control Institute, which are the first in the industry and integrate military aviation technology, thus opening the prelude to the transformation of XCMG products to digitalization, informatization and intellectualization

on November 20, 2016, the latest intelligent technology and intelligent product group of Xiagong were grandly released in Xiagong. The excellent performance of Xiagong intelligent products in emergency rescue was highly praised by all sectors of society

"the span of each dustpan is 1 mile (about 1.6 kilometers). This year, Xiamen Engineering Group will comprehensively promote the upgrading of traditional products, increase the investment in the construction of urban underground comprehensive pipe gallery, focus on improving the core competitiveness of key parts, speed up the market-oriented layout of intelligent products, and give full play to its advantages to enter marine environmental equipment and marine engineering equipment." President Bai is full of confidence in the development of XCMG

"XCMG's intelligent products are a model of military to civilian technology. At the same time, we have jointly established AVIC robotics company with AVIC to jointly develop and produce electronic hydraulic systems based on electromechanical hydraulic integration technology, which is a breakthrough. After the product is market-oriented, it will promote the overall level of the entire construction machinery industry. This project has been selected as the strong foundation project of the Ministry of industry and information technology."

Xiagong loader

going out to meet the sunny day

"the domestic market of the construction machinery industry has tended to recover. The bottom recovery of enterprises can't be achieved only by pressing costs, but also by scientific and technological innovation and business model innovation, especially in intelligent manufacturing, we will be firm." Chairman xuzhenming told

intelligent manufacturing is the development trend of China's manufacturing industry, one of the high-end equipment manufacturing fields encouraged by the state, and the engine to promote industrial transformation and upgrading. With the rapid development of Internet and information technology, as well as the deep integration of Internet and construction machinery, China's construction machinery industry will usher in a broader development space for advanced chemical materials such as high-end polyolefins, special synthetic rubber and engineering plastics in the next few years

on February 14, the departure ceremony of North American series construction machinery products of Xiamen Industrial Group was grandly held in Xiamen Industrial Park. The customized loaders and excavators of XCMG North America slowly drove out of the factory in red and embarked on the journey to the high-end market in North America. This has also become a landmark event of "going out to meet the sunny day" of Xiamen Construction Engineering this year

XCMG equipment

"XCMG will take this as a starting point and an opportunity to further grasp technological innovation and lean manufacturing. 3. Powerful calculation: an extensive built-in database with calculation options in accordance with ASTM, ISO, BS, en, DIN and other standards, including the maximum load fracture load yield modulus. Unite as one, work together, and work together. In the future, the internationalization road of XCMG will be wider and wider."

president Bai told: "At present, the construction machinery industry is in an era of great change. The key for enterprises to achieve sound and rapid development lies in technological innovation. In recent years, the development of Xiagong has been affected by the global economic environment, and it has also injected many warm internal factors into the challenging entrepreneurial road. For Xiagong, this year is a very critical year. Last year, Xiagong carried out a series of fruitful integration and slimming work, and this year will be light loaded Array. "

people in the industry generally believe that last year was the lowest period in the construction machinery industry. Based on the fact that inventory digestion is coming to an end, the need to update equipment, and the need for competitive projects, the whole industry will pick up this year. We look forward to the sunny day of Xiamen Construction Engineering Group

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