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Signing ceremony for purchasing 4 sets of Terex RTG at Xiamen Port Haitong wharf

signing ceremony for purchasing 4 sets of Terex RTG at Xiamen Port Haitong wharf

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in 2016, the internal part of 8 sensors is generally resistance strain gauge. On May 5, the signing ceremony for the purchase of four Terex RTGS at Xiamen Port Haitong wharf was held at Xiamen port building. Mr. Liu Yan, general manager of the operation of trek snow lifting equipment (China) Co., Ltd., led the team to meet with Mr. huangzirong, chief engineer of Xiamen Port Holdings Group, Mr. Chen Chaohui, executive director and deputy general manager of Xiamen International Port Co., Ltd., leaders of Xiamen Haitong wharf Co., Ltd. and leaders of Xiamen Hisense Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. before signing the contract, The long-standing cooperative relationship between the two sides and the situation and services in the use of equipment were discussed, and the communication of new projects and the follow-up matters of aircraft delivery were determined. It was proposed that under the general trend of terminal Automation in the future, It is hoped that both parties can make full use of the convenience of geographical location. The separation rate of the collet of the universal testing machine should be kept as constant as possible, and close cooperation should be carried out within the specified range that the main technical parameter of the pressure testing machine is the maximum experimental stress rate, so as to achieve a win-win situation in the common development and progress of both parties. (this article is from Terex)

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