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Xiamen has commissioned the world's most advanced automated wharf, known as the "devil wharf"

the automated quay bridge and automatic navigation carrier vehicle of the offshore wharf are simulating operations. (Photo by Liang Wei)

international leading

3 automatic double car quayside bridges, 16 automatic rail cranes, 18 automatic navigation carriers, 8 automatic transfer platforms and other equipment are all made in China, all of which are electrically driven, saving energy by 25% and reducing carbon emissions by 15% compared with traditional terminals, belonging to the international leading level

devil terminal

most of the functions of the terminal, such as container loading and unloading, stockpiling, etc, It is completed by a series of automatic mechanical equipment controlled and operated by the computer in the central control room, which is a real 3 The preparation of the sample is an unmanned fully automated wharf system, and the efficiency is very high. The industry calls the devil wharf

the appearance of the car in front of us is very strange: there is no front and rear of the car, and there is no cab; The tire is nearly 1 person tall, and the car body is on it, like a mobile platform; Lithium battery energy is used to make it have the word "grounding" or grounding mark, and it runs silently without the roar of the engine. Yesterday, many such automatic navigation vehicles were seen at the construction site of the hiseas automated wharf. According to the dock owner, the single price of this vehicle is more than 6million yuan. It is made in China and takes the lead in the world. Together with the automated quay bridge, rail crane and transfer platform, it will build another hiseas dock into the most advanced automated dock in the world

the hiseas automated wharf is invested and constructed by Xiamen, COSCO Group and China Communications Construction Group. It is located in the 14 # berth of Haicang bonded port area, with a total investment of 658million yuan. It is planned to be put into trial operation at the end of the year. After the construction of the stacking operation area in the future, the whole process automation can be realized, and the efficiency is expected to be 20% and 40% higher than that of the general wharf. Staff introduction

with the large-scale port ships and the increase of operation volume, the development of traditional terminals has encountered a bottleneck. The construction of such an efficient and energy-saving automated terminal project in Xiamen not only implements the strategic deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on structural adjustment and mode transformation, further promotes the industrial upgrading of the national high-end manufacturing industry, but also reflects the commitment of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government to the transformation and upgrading of the port economy The war closely following the development trend of international shipping should be considered with the strong support of the state

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