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The cost of palladium nano catalyst for coal to ethylene glycol is low

the research team of Fujian Institute of physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences recently synthesized a new palladium nano catalyst by Cu (II) ion assisted in-situ reduction at room temperature. The catalyst has ultra-low noble metal loading (about 0.1%), excellent performance and long service life of mu20, which can greatly reduce the cost of the catalyst and save a lot of precious metal resources. After the successful preparation of the catalyst, it is expected to form a new generation of coal to ethylene glycol catalyst technology

China's R & D and production capacity of coal is still relatively weak. Ethylene glycol production technology can not only effectively alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand of ethylene glycol in China, but also improve the level of efficient and clean transformation and utilization of coal resources. Gas phase oxidative coupling of CO to dimethyl oxalate with a vibration frequency of 2500 (3000) times per minute. The ester reaction is coal to ethyl 16. Host weight (about): 800kg, 1100kg, 1200kg; The key step of diol is that the palladium loading in the catalyst that has been used at present is high, resulting in a significant increase in the cost of the catalyst

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