The corrugated height of the hottest paperboard is

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The corrugated height of paperboard is too low

the corrugated height is not standard, and the groove shape is intact. The circular economy model emphasizes organizing economic activities into a feedback process of "resources, products and renewable resources", but the height is unified and low, which does not meet the standard height (do not confuse it with the flat top corrugated caused by the paper pressing roller)


How do these noises come from corrugated? The pressure on the corrugated roller is insufficient

the corrugated roller is worn

the corrugated core paper is too dry

the braking tension is too large

the core paper is too wet

the corrugated roller temperature is too low and cold. The innovative technology related to it will directly affect the environmental protection, durability, comfort, thermal insulation and other properties of the product, but


increase the same amount of pressure on both sides of the corrugated roller, Make it mesh accurately

replace the corrugating roller

increase the single-sided machine or pre add accessories to do contraction and zigzag experiments, reduce the steam spray on the processor, reduce the tension

increase the angle of the preprocessor, reduce the steam spray on the single-sided machine or pre processor

increase the steam pressure, so that the temperature generated is not lower than 350 ° F

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